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Why Buy a Used Commercial Truck

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2018 Isuzu NRR Roll Off Truck

Used Commercial Truck Benefits

In most instances, the overriding issue in whether to purchase a new or used commercial truck is cost. While there are many reasons to buy a new or used commercial truck, your overhead is going to be an important factor. The complete answer is a combination of maintenance, upfront cost, fuel usage and the intended use for the commercial truck.
Most new commercial truck sales staff will suggest buying a new truck to lower maintenance and factor in less downtime. Some sales staff will say there will be less issues with a new versus a used truck. Having spent the better part of 30 years buying and maintaining fleets of vehicles, both trucks and cars for the pest control industry, I think a well maintained used truck is more reliable than some new trucks.

Even New Trucks have issues

Just because the truck is new doesn’t mean there won’t be issues. There is the “I just bought this truck” frustration factor. I can’t tell you how many times I bought a new truck only to end up having problems.
2013 Mitsubishi FE125 Cab and Chassis
Comprehensive Dealer’s Choice Truck Inspection
For the most part (sometimes there are just issues), when you own a truck from new throughout the truck's life span, you know what the issues are. You have a good idea on what you can expect in maintenance costs. A properly maintained truck will have less issues throughout a truck’s life span. Our comprehensive truck inspection process assures you of the realistic condition of all the trucks in our used truck lots.
What type of used commercial truck should I buy?
Location is an important factor. I operated in various areas of the US. When purchasing a truck, the expected weather conditions play a role in the type of truck you need. Are you transporting precious goods or furniture, then a used box truck might be a good choice? Are you operating a landscape business? If so, then maybe a used landscape dump truck is the used truck you need. A used flatbed truck might work for your business if you transport cargo which might need to be strapped down. So, they type of used truck you need is dependent on your location and need.
Commercial Truck Fuel Efficiency
Fuel efficiency is another maintenance cost, so the age of the engine is a relative factor if the truck must conform to the EPA 2007 or 2010 Heavy-Duty Engine and Vehicle Standards. The Highway Diesel Fuel Sulfur Control Requirements might be an issue in the cost of fuel over a trucks useful history.
A solid used truck with a complete truck inspection can be the perfect blend of need, purchase cost, maintenance and fuel costs. Look for a truck, which meets your needs. Don’t over buy or under buy. The staff at Dealer’s Choice Truck Sales can help put you in the best used commercial truck for your needs.
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